Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Your relationsh​ip and social network




Asake, is your blog mainly about relationships.
The truth is I don't know. My next 2 post wouldn't be about relationship.
I am not an expert in that affect of life, trying to learn myself.

During my internship, one of the units in my department gave a talk- "Leveraging on social network". For an organisation, the pros were more than the cons. LinkedIn, facebook, twitter etc.. I learnt something new, pod-cast. Podcast is a social media tool used to share media files...it can be used within organization for the purpose of share-learning...

My eldest sister was picking a gift for her husband when she said he will be so surprise am getting him this, we haven't spoken to each other in days. When people are around we act normal and when they are gone we simply don't talk.

When we quarrel with our boyfriends we are so quick to update our status. Some guys do the same. I asked a friend, what's sup with your status and she said " he's annoying me; I am trying get his attention".  Now I know you are having a misunderstanding. You might end up telling someone what happened and the person might ill-advise you. They are not in that situation; they don't know how you handle things.

He never put up another girl's pic, why his is status still single? He does not have a relationship status. He liked that girl’s pic? He called her love, dear, when he comments on her status... What's happening.. Girlfriend, give yourself a break? Don't subscribe to his status or update..Let him be himself, stop choking him technologically unless it is your relationship style. If you guys tell eachother every little thing, if you are always pinging eachother, that's fine but you don't have to comment on every little thing he put up on facebook and twitter unless you are tagged on mentioned..

You are following him on twitter, friends on facebook, yahoo messenger, hi5, on his bbm list.. You check everything constantly, O girl you wan kill yourself. in my earlier post, I said he might not be referring to you in his status... He might be getting at someone..  A friend twits at him concerning an event, he agrees to attend and you have not been informed about the outing.. You start DMing him... Ladies, give your man a break.. You don't have to force him to change his relationship status; he will do so at the right time. Yes, right time, he might be protecting you... What if he has a crazy ex that keeps tab on him, the crazy ex that can do and undo? He loves you, you are always on his mind (if your relationship don reach dat level) that does not mean he can't stop hanging with them virtually.

"A" went from single to in a relationship with "B"... Few months later, "A" is no longer in a relationship with "B". People who do not want questions or are technological savvy will just edit their privacy setting and no one will see the relationship change in their news feed. Then you see the facebook fight.. She was just things and that.. He was an ..... If there was a slight chance of reuniting, the ranting on social network has just erased your chances of getting back with him.
Few weeks ago, KimK announced she is filling for divorce from her husband of 72days. On my timeline, popular news personnel retweeted one of KrisH's tweet. He was dissing KimK by describing the size of her private part..I thought to myself there's a reason it’s called private part.. Playing the investigative blogger I decided to follow KimK and KrisH on twitter..

KrisH was always saying negative things about KimK.. He mentions her in his tweets but she never responded to any. Few days later she travelled to his home town to talk. He tweeted everything.. I decided to read his own tweet- he tweeted everything from marriage to sleeping with his wife to her going out.. Her on the other hand tweeted what was public information. Things that will be see on TV.. Put yourself in KimK's shoes will you take KrisH back if he comes to beg.. After all the nasty things he said about "directly" You can talk about someone on twitter, facebook, bbm status indirectly.. People might take a guess but directly hmmmmm.

I remember following someone on twitter and It was later I realized her tweets affected my thought process. I started developing the "girl power" "girl must rule" behaviour.
You can choose who to follow, positive energy matters at all time..

Beautiful things have started on social network, don't let internet control your relationship. Think critically before you share any information....
Don’t hide behind the keyboard to hurt people or emotional blackmail anyone.. Learn to use social network to improve your relationship.

Remember, I am not a relationship expert... your opinions and comments are welcome

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