Sunday, 20 November 2011

Conditional Love....

''Everyone has an idea of the qualities they want in a partner. That's not wrong but it could be faulted if they are farfetched and selfish" anonymous

Remember that time you fell in love. I mean true love... That one person you still think of daily, that one person that made makes you feel like the world was is yours. That person you saw see in your future. That person that made akes myour world makes sense... :-) remember...

Reflect on how you fell for him/her.

 He probably said something or did something that made you know  he is the one or did nothing or annoyed you. You just knew deep down "that's the one" at that moment, you didn't care if the one is Black or White; Ibo or Yoruba; Muslim or Christian; Employed or Unemployed; sane or insane; rich or poor; Married or Single... Here am talking about true love... 
Have you ever described the perfect guy/girl? I know we (girls) did that when we were younger.
If yes, have you ever fallen in love??

If the answer to this is also yes --- did he fit the description of 'the perfect guy"?? Am not sure he did...
You have the perfect description of "the one", and you have fallen in love with someone that doesn't fit the description, instead of allowing things to flow. You start trying to change him/her... Must "the one" fit that description??

 (((Threat))) If you don't do this, I will leave?? Leave?? Na beans, everything na shakara. Sometimes we take things too far; sometimes we lose the one we love because of these criteria.

Love is beautiful; love is accepting the other person's flaw because he/she has accepted yours that is why he/she isn't complaining. Love involves gratitude; even if you don't want thank him/her for the gift. My Mama once told me, you won't like every gift he gives you but you have to be grateful, it’s not the gift that matters but the thought of you while getting the gift Love involves growth, understanding, helping your partner through the thick and thin.

A list of criteria might turn real love into conditional love.  Be opening minded... Let things flow... Doubt about the future.... When you get to that bridge we will cross it.

Is love conditional?  

My answer- "Love isn't  conditional but society influences the condition of our relationship' Bilqees 2011. I have seen couples with different religious, financial, tribal background getting past these societal conditions and making their relationship work... 

Why not make yours work.. Till my next post... live life, love life <3 

Enjoy Adol's Different.... let love take you to every place you have never dreamt of ...Let love take you far...


  1. Love is conditional, if not, we wuld b falling in love with every tom, dick and harry on d streets but no, we do not, we fall in love based on certain xteristics a person has - physical or behavioral and if the person stops being a lot of d things they were wen we fell in love with them, d likelihood of us falling out of love is greatly increased, except for those who have sadist or masochist tendencies

    1. Yesterday i spoke about this post and my friend said - Love is confitional at the initial stage, once you have been together for awhile, you need to be with the person for who he or she is.. and not what you think they should be