Saturday, 26 November 2011

Life is beautiful 1

Just on my way to observe one f the pillars of life, I saw people of various color, figure, shape, some

with smile others without, people wearing various kind of attire, some don’t look as if they are going

where am headed but someone else might have thought the same about me. As I entered the building I

was headed, people who were not dressed for the occasion brought out other attires and in no time,

they were perfectly dressed for the occasion. Our thought before performing or sometimes during

performing ablution might be different but we all perform ablution. Finally, I entered the female section

of Jamia mosque and I was amazed at what I saw. Women, some physically challenged, some needed a

chair to be able to observe this pillar f life comfortably. I also noticed some female only stood outside to

listen to the lectures. I looked around and finally got a place to say my nafila, after my nafila, I

wondered what people might have thought of me while entering the mosque, this thought always cross

my mind each and every Friday that I am allowed by S.W.T to observe Juma’ah. I listened to the lecture

which is always delivered in Arabic and Swahili and I noticed something, no matter the language spoken

one can always detect when the main elements of Islam is being mentioned.

After the sermon, we all rose for salat “Juma’ah prayer’ I discovered I wasn’t afraid of standing next to

someone whose educational, financial, social, political status I dnt know.

One important thing that struck my thought and the reason I wrote this experience is that

“Whether we performed ablution in a similar or different manner, we dressed different, we speak

different languages, or we are from different race, one thing that is common to us all is the fact that we

all say “ALLAH AKBAR” and indeed the creator of heaven and earth, the master of the day of

resurrection, the one we seek to guide us to the right path, and the only one that has the master plan

for this life and in the hereafter is the greatest.

Islam is our way of life, so if Islam can be this beautiful, then life is beautiful.

My islam experience in Nairobi

from my facebook with love

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