Monday, 14 November 2011

Girls only

We are not perfect. Our society tells us women naturally nag. You don't have to nag, instead discuss your insecurities or issues with him calmly.

When he's mad about something or someone don't fuel the fire, try to kill the fire, calm him down, he will be able to make rational decision.

Don't be too quick to talk after or during a misunderstanding, think twice before you do. A friend once told me, when he annoys me I read the Quran, after few chapters, I am calm then I talk it over with him. Learn from my friend, her relationship is over a decade.

My mom keeps telling me, in Yorubaland, the younger one should always apologize to the elder one even if the younger one is right. Most ladies are in a relationship where the guy is older. Start viewing him as your elder one in terms of misunderstand..

Don't take him for granted. You might kill his self esteem or ginger is ego. When you constantly take him for granted, One day he ll lose the respect he has for you.

Always respect his opinion; never bring him or his friends down. Never tell him to choose between you or his family/friend.. Never say, "you will rather watch soccer/hang with your friend that spend time with me".. The fact that he loves you doesn't mean you are more important than his folks. Respect his alone time.

Never threaten him with leaving or killing yourself, there are a lot of women ready to accept him and treat him right.

Even if he didn't call and ping after a misunderstanding that he's to blame for, don't retaliate.

Don't let ‎​ bb/facebook/twitter ruin your relationship.. The opinion/status/ twit might not be referring to you..  Don't jump into conclusion.. Learn to ask calmly..

Talking about him to anybody, make sure you say more of the positive things he does. Your conversation will determine how he will be viewed by the person.

Always pray for him. Always respect him.

He deserve a treat once in awhile-dinner/wristwatch/jersey/spa/something to munch during soccer/weekend for 2/office shirt/ T-shirt/a call during d day/lunch delivered to his office...etc..


  1. Que interesante!! Nice to know girls like u still exist. All the best and God bless.

    1. I am sure i am no longer the girl who wrote this post, i have learned alot and grown up. Relationship is a two way thing... And today someone told me, if you are afraid to open up to him - he is might not be the one for you..