Sunday, 22 December 2013

The list

While on vacation, I dropped by a friend's place with a mutual friend of mine.

 We got chatting with her mum and the usual question (when are you getting married)came up.

We were very quick to answer -we are praying about it ma.

“How do you pray about it? Do you have a list? "her mum asked.

A list?

"Yes girls you need a list of things you desire in your future husband. This list will be used as prayer points. When praying about it don't forget to find yourself in locations where such men exist." She concluded.

 I used to think I knew everything I wanted in my future husband however it’s been difficult writing the list.

Till next time, jot down what you desire in your future spouse...


  1. Yes Asake....when are you getting married? :D

    1. For me, everything in life has a purpose, place and time. Even the people we meet. When the meeting is suppose to lead to marriage, it will. ..

      So until then, I will take a second look at my list and ensure I am also the kind of woman the man with the qualities on my list would be looking out for.