Thursday, 26 December 2013

First date

Stop the fronting; let me send you on a date. Although a lot of us try to deny it, it sometimes sucks being single.. In the past 5years, I think I have been more single than in a relationship.. That's me, some say my taste is too high, while others say I should lower my standard. To me, they are saying the same thing..

 While on holiday, I listened to Toke Makinwa's vlog Xmas in Naija....Time to find a man sharp, sharp with a couple of friends, the following day we went for a wedding and she got a man who has not only taken her on a first date but the second one is around the corner. Since it worked for her, I am going to do something untraditional. Send someone out on an all expenses paid date in a nice restaurant, don't worry the bill is on the date :-) if you are not in Nigeria, your date can skype you while the meal will be delivered to you.
Wait a minute, offers like that don't come easily so these are my criteria for selecting the lucky lady.. Please note I will be doing the shortlisting myself (I learnt that while interning with Deloitte, thanks Naseria and John)

 Interested ladies should possess the following:

1. Christian faith
2. Final student or graduate from any tertiary institution (on NYSC or possibly gainfully employed)
3. Citizen of any country
4. Speak English fluently
5. Love to travel and must have visited more than two cities apart from current city of residence

6. Visionary, Smart, Humble, Beautiful.

 Your date is a young, educated, ambitious and comfortable Nigerian with working experience in two different industries

Interested in the date, send your name, age, education backgroimd and phone number to

Thank you for participating, we found a date and she met all the criteria

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