Monday, 22 April 2013

Tested ok!

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I sat with her today, we had ice-cream. Ice-cream? “Is she heartbroken?” He asked.
“Yes, I don't understand why he keeps behaving like this” I said
“Is she feeding him?”He asked.
“Trust my friend now, she's top chef of Lagos o!” I replied
“ Asake!!, I am not taking about food o? Is she sleeping with him?” He asked
“Haba Babe, you know her, don't touch my body jo jo. She’s not sleeping with him. I am very sure she’s not sleeping with him” I responded
“Yawa, he's either eating out or about to eat out? Has she found out how important sex is to him?” He asked.
“They fight whenever she sleeps over, he feels she's depriving him of his property. He keeps saying he owns it now and forever. I wonder why he can't just propose to her, I said..
“Asake, na like that dem they proposed” he added.
Second wife? Asake, I swear you are officially mad, I trust your folks, noone will bless that marriage unless you are pregnant, Lade said.
“You know my stand on pregnancy and marriage; if I have to tie him down with pregnancy then he's not into me”. I don’t want a pregnancy induced marriage, let him decides he want to settle down with me without the pregnancy” I said.
“Asake, you are funny and old school. Who told you its only girls that do the tying down with pregnancy?” Lade asked. “My brother was a big time player, when he told his friends about his plans to settle down they advised him to get the girl pregnant before discussing marriage but he didn't listen. He wanted a church wedding and trust our churches to conduct pregnancy test. Four years down the line, they are still searching and praying for fruit of the womb however the other players ensured their girlfriends got pregnant before discussing marriage o” she added
“What happened to staying till wedding night? Must guys do” I asked.
“Lol, Asake you are so funny. Nowadays girls are even more willing to get down than guys. If their man doesn't get down with them, they start their conspiracy theories. Please do your research" Tee said.
“If it is important for him to get down and you don't wanna go down there, just leave the relationship and keep searching for your kind. Keep in mind no guy wants a loose girl”Tee added.
You don't want a loose girl but you want to get down, what if the relationship doesn't work out, she starts the same cycle again abi. By the time she's on the six cycle, she will be classified as what? Na wa o!
On a serious note,
How importance is getting down to you?
Can you wait for your partner?
Do you feel too pressured to get down?
What happened to all the religious teaching? Na Nigerians dey go mosque and church pass
I feel it is important to fall for your kind; however we don't get our kind all the time. Remember Kò tò gbá
Finally, HIV/AIDS is real. Know your status today- please ensure you are properly counseled before taking the test. Abstenance is the 100% preventation against HIV/AIDS, if married Be faithful to your partner(s).

Till next time, make a positive decision..


  1. Wow,Sis "Tested ok" is a Luvly blog, I have learnt from the Write Up(y) . This is what happens everyday n everywhere and its the truth. Am so proud Of U Billy, I'll surely be like u when I grow up *wink*