Friday, 12 April 2013

Lower your standard?

We usually do alot of shopping – shoes, clothes, groceries, make-up, weaves, bags, boyfriends and even husband. Sometimes, Yoruba people say– May your husband not be just a boyfriend and vice versa. It means May you marry the right person...  All I know is one girl’s boyfriend will be another girl’s husband.
For a couple of weekends, we engaged in window shopping for cars and the “a single girl can’t get this car or that car always pops up”. I love the RAV4 - I said. You will have to wait till you get married, your husband will buy and handle the maintenance cost another person said. My friend , if you buy this car, what do you expect your boyfriend to drive? I was asked.  To get a good man, you have to tone down oo!  I had to change my car to a smaller one, a friend confessed. This is serious business o.
An unmarried girl has to remain humble car wise – Kai, Asake, hope you won’t carry last o!!!! Lol
I understand a sizeable number of guys have complex and some ladies also over do the flashing but I don’t understand why one should also lower their IQ to get a guy..
Below are my questions
·         Must you lower your financial standard to get a spouse?
·         Must you lower your IQ to get a partner?
·         What more should be lowered?
·         Why should you lower anything sef?

Till next post, fall naturally or lower the standard.


  1. Lol.... You're a joker!
    I think the underlying concept here is that everyone is different and your spouse should suit you. So by all means buy the best you can afford and let that calibre of person approach you. Anyway, What's the point of lowering your standrad (whatever standard it is) to get a guy? Will you keep that up for the rest of your life? Only growing along with your guy not challenging him?

  2. Just be urself jor

    A guy thats wants u should take you as you are

  3. Nothing and nobody is perfect. So u and your spouse to be have to find a midpoint, meaning you lower a few things and he/she does to and you increase a few tings as well so does he/she

  4. Hehehehe!!
    Some times people build dreams in d sky,but wen reality hits,some come in terms with it and hence,u can say lower their standards.
    Many peeps do as others do,without being themselves.
    Well,sometimes,u gotta stoop to conquer

  5. Lol, nice write up.

    Mingle with the type of person you want to marry. BUT always remember that boys/men get intimated a lot (even if we don't admit it). It is always easier for a guy to ask out a girl who he thinks is not superior to him or a girl he can afford (Naira & Kobo). This is the reason women are told to temper their outwards appearance in order not to chase Mr right away.

    Mr right might not be a timid man, but he might get timid when he is about to approach you in your "RAV 4 or C class or your 150k dress".

  6. Read your post blinking-Amazing!To answer your questions!No, i won't lower my standards-If i need that RAV4 which is my dream car, ago buy it...Secondly, they say a man who loves you won't be threatened by your financial success so if he does, toss him to the curb. Lower my IQ to get a partner, honey if the man is not smart then not even worth 2 seconds of my time. I no go lower anything self-maybe thats why am still single but seriously, am being real and maybe me being my real me and having specific standards for myself makes me a bitch and a woman who wants too much-Well to say, high standards which no man can meet....Ohhh boy

  7. Hi Bilqees. You write well and you're funny. Lowering standards is a bad start, no need for that at all, unless you're a total hardcore diva, which you are not... Right

  8. Hehee, Billy I won't lower my Standard because of a man ooo, what will be will be. Lol.Nice Write up Sis.