Sunday, 3 March 2013

Time to grow(go)

It’s abit emotional. It feels like an achievement, I had just informed them about my graduating GPA when they promised to send me a token. Honestly,  I was expecting cash but when my elder sister started taking about serial number and battery. I knew it was an electronic device. When Eniola informed me of her arrival, I was very excited about my graduation weave(cover face) the very first time I wore that weave everyone love it so I made a decision I was going to wear it for graduation (guess I won't be needing a weave for my next graduation). My elder sister searched the whole of Lagos and I got mad each time she suggested a different one. I must have gone either Marvey or Chiaka to Eniola's apartment.. When I opened the parcel, I was blown away and it wasn't the weave but the token. Safricom was selling it for about 28k then while Orange sold it for 27k. I remember Ini hugging me in the cafeteria when she saw mine and requested for my pin.  I was complaining of not having money for subscription but as soon as I entered the Safricom office in town, I paid for subscription.  I disliked the sound and blinks; I just had to edit my profile.  I took care of it like a baby, I remembered how I lost my TOCCO and I made a promise never to let go of this in the same way. Severally, I have been mocked about it, sometimes I don't bring it out at events since I can't use it to take pictures. From black to white to white, I remember the last time I took it for refurbishment, the technician said I should just let go.  "It makes you look like a broke *ss" he said. . It’s very reliable. Yes, I decided to let go, it has served me for more than 3years. Guess it was time, it took a bow

As most of you know, I want to get a 10 however something in my head is telling me to hold on soI decided to "obtain" an interim one, which I am positive it will still be mocked however  I will use till I make up my mind on which 10 to go for. I am already missing "my be the beat", class of 2010 BB.

Next second is not promised, Paradise or Hell ?? which will it be? Are your good deeds more than you bad deeds? God is certainly watching us. Reflect on this...

Till next time, make someone smile

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