Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday Morning Madness

Usually, when I am working at our head office, I leave home at 6.45am. However since it is a Monday, I decided to leave at 6.30am. Usually, I will stand at my junction for about 10minutes then I will get a bus however after standing for 17minutes; I decided leave for the bus stop. I waited another 15minutes and didn't get a bus. Why are all the buses full and where are all the cabs?  I decided to return to my junction then called the best person ever, my mom. Why didn't you enter any bus she asked, I explained to her what had happened and she advised I take a bike forward. Then I took a Marwa forward but still no space in buses, Marwa or cabs. I spoke to my mom again, her advice, keep moving forward, just trek... I walked to a taxi park then got a cab 2hours after leaving home. My usual 1hr: 15mins Monday morning journey became 2hrs:30mins with 571% increase in usual transport fare.  That's my Monday Morning Madness...

                                            Have a great week peeps.


  1. Tot yu wld extend it in 2 the day's activities, cool dou keep it up

  2. Pele...Lagos and its unpredictable-ness