Saturday, 11 February 2017


I cannot remember which match it was but I remember he sped like an Okada.
He was one of the reasons I started watching football.
I listened to Brilla FM and read Complete sport just to know how he was doing. I spoke about him as if we were related.
I remember hurrying out of my GCE Mathematics examination just to watch the World Cup qualifier. Even though he scored twice we did not qualify.
When he moved to England and my team played against his, I could not decide whether to support Chelsea or Newcastle.
When I had the opportunity to travel, I would look around for him at the airport – waiting to get a photograph with him that I can finally put it up with a caption – Guess who was star struck today J?


This post was inspired by the @africanwriters February challenge - day 10 title is Star struck.

Edited by Lerato

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