Friday, 10 February 2017

New beginnings

There was no sunshine or moon light. I am certain there were no stars. I could hear sounds but it seems far away. It was always dark and I wanted to leave everyday but at the end of the day I find myself exactly where I started.

Today I decided to run. I kept running till I reached a dead end, previously I would have turned back but today, I decided to hit the surface that always prevented me from going further. I thought it was a hard wall and I would get injured but surprisingly it was a wooden door and I broke it down.

For the first in a very long time, I watched the sunset, the moon glow and the stars glittering. Today is my new beginning, the day I decided to break the top of every tunnel so that whether it is sunny, the moon is out or the stars are shining I can always find my new beginning.



This post was inspired by the @africanwriters February challenge - day 9 title is New beginnings.

Thanks Lerato (blvbookclub) for editing this post 

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