Sunday, 25 January 2015

Inconveniencing my convenience

“Haba!, Asake, why do we do this? I am not a diva but I am #Teamwindowseat and only a matter of life or death can make me switch seats. Sometimes last year, I took a 16hours flight and 10 minutes into it, the lady sitting next to me in the middle seat asked if I could swap seats with her husband who was also sitting in the middle seat but on the next row. Sadly, I turned down her request. I felt bad throughout the flight that I separated a couple as the lady was constantly turning back. Asake, I have changed flight before because there was no window seat available. Window seats are my comfort zone” KB narrated.

Just like KB, I am also #Teamwindowseat. Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity of flying and on getting to my window seat, it was already occupied. A man with his kids were sitting on my row and upon informing him his daughter was sitting on my seat, he told me to speak with the airhostess who informed me he gave my seat out then pointed to a middle seat with no apology. I asked if he could atleast provide a window seat, then a lady on the new row happily swapped as she doesn’t like window seat. The airhostess was very thankful to the lady- I mean you just changed the seat I booked a month earlier without an apology. Maybe they booked their flight last minute however if they wanted to be seated as a family, they should do so without Inconveniencing me” I thought.

We all inconvenient others knowingly or unknowing, personally in 2014, I did arrive late for several doctor’s appointments with the mindset that the patient before me will still be in. Twice at my dentist, there was no patient before me which resulted in the patient booked after my appointment time seeing the dentist a little late.

A lot of us, myself included sometimes operate on “African time” which basically means it is ok to be late.

It’s impossible to change overnight, however it is possible to make an effort to stop inconveniencing other’s convenience.

Till next time, consider the impact on others when making a decision

PS: If you have ever had an inconveniencing my convenience moment? Please feel free to share with us

Edited by Opson E Dada


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  1. People have just become very self centered not thinking about the other person but just themselves. Many times this comes to us naturally and we have to make conscious effort to not be selfish. Love your neighbour as your self in my understanding is letting or putting your neighbors happiness right in front of yours. Sometimes I do that but sometimes I just put it by me and it's a win-win situation or sometimes I'm not even bothered and put them behind. I'm human afterall....but as much as possible I try to be sure my neighbour isn't taking advantage of my selflessness