Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Another calendar year just went by, it is possible you experienced some ups and downs; take the lessons and move on with life. For lots of people, a new year gives an opportunity to start on a clean sheet; it is not about starting over again, it is about improving your life. I learnt something last year, about goal setting, write down all the roles you play in life and try as much as possible to put in goals that will have an impact on those roles. Example of roles I play – a daughter, a sister, an aunt, an employee, a best friend,  a blogger and an amateur photographer-  it is difficult to set goals for all the roles you play so pick  3 or 4 most important ones and work on it per quarter or biannually. Goals do not have to be rocket science- it can be as simple as “improve communication with my spouse” by spending at least 10 minutes a day listening to him speak about his day (cheeky abi )

2015 is an election year in Nigeria, for those who will be participating, remember to do so peacefully. For your own safety, try as much as possible to refrain from airing your political opinions publicly as you cannot control how others react to it.

For me, It has not been easy blogging - your support has kept me going, even in my very quiet quarters, some of you reached out to me to find out when I will be posting something new. I do not do this alone; I am supported by a team of editors and people whose stories have influenced a post.  I want to say thank you. Thank you for seeing me as a confidant, a story teller and a gist partner. Thank you for understanding writing styles are different and we cannot tell stories the same way.

For avoidance of doubt, 99% of the posts on this blog are true life stories and less than 5% is the blogger’s experience.  This year, I hope to share some of my photographs with you and also the post I have been skeptical about sharing.

Have a wonderful 2015, ÀSÀKÉ-Ọ̀KÍN cares.


  1. It feels good to see you back...we can't wait for the post you are skeptical about sharing...av a fab 2015 teu

    1. Yes o!!! I have to come back.. the number of people wanting to read from me are more than all the post on this blog.

      Hmmm.. that Skeptical post is a maybe has it is a taboo topic..

  2. Keep writing Asake, thanks for sharing and being real..LJ