Wednesday, 13 November 2013

ATT: The one that got away

It started like a joke, initially we didn't take it serious but later we couldn't control it, we became inseparable, there was hardly anyone who didn't know we were together even if they had met only one of us, we thought the same way, talked the same way, I was his common sense. I taught him all he knew about relationship and He taught me patience. The road was smooth, each time we had an argument or misunderstanding as soon as we sighted one another, the misunderstanding was over.

I was always quick to beg because he was a novice in relationships, then one day we had a major argument, he walked out and none of us was ready to resolve or take the blame( in Akon voice) a week turned to two, three, four then five. Before the argument I was bereaved and he didn't understand, all he wanted was my attention which I couldn't give him. It boils back to experience.

I called him up one day, to inform him I was travelling to Chicago the next day. He was shocked I was already making my own decisions, what shocked him most was I had grown fond of a client (I mistakenly called him my client's name) and I didn't bother about my own him, (the truth is- the client was there for me when I was bereaved- something He never did) I was away for 5weeks and it was difficult for him to get in touch with me.

When I came back, I was no longer fond of him, usually my luggage would have contained half of his things but this time I just got him a sweat shirt.

In 10weeks we threw away our amazing relationship of 5years, the relationship a lot of our friends used as prayer point. Distance does make the heart grow apart, communication is key.

In few weeks time, I will be setting down for good but the shocking thing is, I still don't love my fiancé as much as I love my him-- they say we love people in stages, others say there's always that person you love but can't have...

You can go to bed angry the first time... Don't go to bed angry with the same person for so long, you might be taking him for granted and lose him for good.

Congrats to the lady who inspired this post, I pray you find happiness in your new home,  your fiancé is a wonderful person, its time for you to leave the past behind and start a new life with your hubby.

Till next time, kiss and make up by the 3rd day


  1. Well said and well composed @asake okin,big hug dear. May Allah increase in your knowledge and understanding,amin. I need more of this please o....

  2. Simple and understanding

  3. Its true that 98 percent of us don't end up with pple we really love.....nice one Asake!

  4. Billy, this is so inspiring and its true that at times we dont get married to the ones we luv, hmmmm!!!. Its only God that can help us all. Welldone sis. Opson

  5. One person must be ready to bury his/her ego in every relationships. This lady will marry her body to her fiance while her heart is with her Ex. Is never too late for her to retrace step. And I'm assuming the fiance is the former client.

    1. No. She didn’t marry the client, although she dated him but the relationship lasted for just 6months...

  6. At first I must quite admit that it was a good rendition of the subjects erstwhile love life. Still, no pain no gain.."
    to say the least. Getting maried to a man and your heart remains with the ex is like "smoke without fire".."
    finally, it might not be now but definitely in the near future that house will surely burn down faster than she least expect."

  7. Beautiful piece but very true! Gaga