Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Missed me?

It is not easy blogging o. Since I changed my route, I have been struggling to blog. In the past, I got inspiration in buses (big smile). Now, I hardly struggle for change, no mosquitoes biting me and ofcourse choking perfumes as I once experienced. I still use public transport but compared to my previous route, the journey is shorter and sometimes, I get a ride 95% of the time,to and fro.

Oshodi pre 2008
To be honest, I miss a lot of things.  Like yellow, green and red plantain chips, coconut chip ( Yes o, they don't exist on my new route), conductor vs. passengers argument, LASTMA, drug marketers ( Yes o, those ones that say two tablet of a particular NAFDAC approved medication can cure all diseases like stroke, hypertension, diabetes, backache, malaria and even tuberculosis), I miss getting scared at Oworo Shoki ( my wallet and my I-touch were picked on separate day). I remember the day my I-touch was stolen. I had a bad day at work and decided to listen to music. As I was about to alight my colleague's car, I made sure I zipped my bag. I was listening to ‘bumper to bumper’ by  Wande Coal,  and waiting for the next song to start and it didn't. I looked down and saw my earpiece dangling. I was shocked, I couldn't cry. I miss having it, the picture quality and now that Ramadan is here, I miss the Quran.
I miss Oshodi- the street light, it is very beautiful at night especially when you are on the flyer over bridge. You can see the ‘Agberoes’ buying their drinks, the bus park, people rushing to buy "bend down select"( the Ngara style), the long queue of people waiting for BRT bus ,the new town TV and Okada going interstate( Oshodi to Sango Ota).
Oshodi after clean up
Oshodi wasn't like this before 2008, the transformation started Dec 2008- 2009. I was there, the day K.A.I ( Kick Against Indiscipline) started their clearing and cleaning operation. The first thing they did was barricade the rail-line so commuters were forced to use the flyer over bridge. The Oshodi of Pre-2009 had no street light, petty trade filled the main road, you couldn't walk that road with valuables, and everyone looked like a thief(that’s a story for another day).I tried blogging about the Unilag's name change. To be very honest, I laughed when I read about the name change on twitter. The discussion of the day was supposed to be GEJ's performance appraisal but as usual, he succeeded in changing the topic of the day. From Mushin to Mohit, From Unilag to MAULag, Wande Coal got a better deal. I couldn't even be bothered about our First Lady being nominated as a PS. You all know who you voted for, you will not plant Banana and reap avocado.  

Then I tried blogging about other stuff but I haven't posted them because they don't WIP.I have been writing one since February. One day, it will become a finished good.
I have also been missing on Twitter and my facebook account should have expired by now. Sometimes in life, you have to take a chill pill.
Thanks for reading. Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Till my next post, try make someone smile.

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