Sunday, 19 April 2015

Change: Not another political post

“Sade, Sade, Sade” my dad called out. Before I could answer he was already in my room.
“Your University is in this country so I cannot say you are jetlagged, why are you not dressed for church?” my dad asked
“Daddy, I have attended church service already” I said
“Haba Sade, a well brought up Christian child should not tell lies, your car is still parked in front of mine oh, I forgot you landed your jet on the roof abi” my Dad said sarcastically.
I laughed and responded “I attended church online”
“Really, I told your mother allowing you to go to that Christian University might result in a change of your denomination. My daughter, show some respect, when you are home, attend our church, when you are back in your University, attend your church; thank God you are graduating this year” my dad said
Asake, before I could respond, he stormed out of my room screaming Mama Sade, come and hear what your daughter said. I was expecting my mom in my room soon after, but they zoomed out since they were both rushing for service, when they returned, all hell broke loose.
Sade, Sade, when did you become a big liar... Where did you learn all these from?
“Dad, I am sincerely sorry” I said
Sorry ke, which of the lies are you sorry for, or you want to add another lie? My dad asked
“Sade, Olivia said your University does not have online service” my mom said calmly.
I almost burst into laughter but I had to control myself
Yes mummy, she is right - my University does not have an online church service, I just attend the school’s service because it is compulsory however when it comes to my spiritually, I attend Lifesaver* Church, so when I cannot make it there physically, I attend our online church service- it is very convenient.
Sade, you moved from our family church to Lifesaver?? What is the name of the man that is influencing you? When am I meeting him? What else has he changed about you? My dad asked
Dad, the church is run by my pastor and his wife” I said
Do not play dumb, who is the man responsible for your change in denomination? My dad asked
Asake, I tried to explain to my parents how I attended a seminar hosted by the church and decided to switch but my parents were not convinced. If only they know I only bother about my education and God. Sade concluded.

When Obong and I became friends, she was a Chelsea fan, after a messy break-up with her then boyfriend; she became a die-hard Arsenal fan which led me to conclude Obong was only  supporting Chelsea to please her boyfriend.  Obong is not the only person who made a change because of the opposite gender and when the relationship was called off, the change was unchanged however there are people who have changed because of someone and still maintained their new life after the person walked away.

A friend once narrated a story of a guy (Toye) who converted to Islam because his girlfriend’s family will not allow her to settle down with a Christian. After the acceptance of Islam the family still prevented their union narrating how the girl’s uncle converted to Islam only to revert back to Christianity after the birth of their first child.  It has been 4 years since Toye’s relationship ended, he is still a practicing Muslim, just returned from Hajj and he is the Amir of a relatively popular society in Nigeria.

Sometimes, our decision to change is personal other times, it is influenced by someone.  Irrespective of the influencer, change is inevitable
Till next time, don’t be afraid of change however remember to consider your individuality before making a change

*Lifesaver is not the original name of the church.
 Edited by Lola Johnson and Tomi

PS :Do you have a change story to share? Is it personal or influenced change? Who influenced it? We will like to hear from you


  1. You are right Asake, a lot of us go back to our old ways as soon as our relationship with the change agent collapses.... I think it's natural

  2. It's probably because the motivation to change doesn't come from a personal conviction, rather from a need to please the other or to do things which one may perceive as attaining to unity. But I guess the message in your quest to be flexible which we must aim to be where necessary remain true to yourself