Sunday, 20 July 2014

Nani anajua Kesho

Several weeks ago, my alma mater 
had an unmasking ceremony to unveil her new branding- Yebo! We have gone Africa!!!!!  J

 Having stubbed on the pictures of the event on Facebook and seeing a couple of familiar faces, I had the urge to drive down memory lane which I did by browsing through my photo albums on Facebook. Being a picture person allowed the drive to be smooth although it was filled with lots of emotions- the good and the bad, no ugly moments. 

As I browsed through some pictures, I checked out couple of people’s profile and I learnt one of my favorite prayers of all time:
 My Lord, teach me never to underestimate anyone.
Although I learnt never to underestimate anyone couple of years ago when a particular person from my secondary school who was considered a poor student academically passed WAEC, JAMB and post -JAMB then got admission into a Federal University before a large percentage of the academically sound students. I also had my share of my underestimation when my primary six  teacher said I passed National Common Entrance by chance and was very surprise when I went ahead to pass the Federal Government Entrance exam  #butdoisay(the Jaluo in me- just kidding).

Even though I learnt never to underestimate anyone that early, when I look back I realized there were people who I felt I could not relate with for some reasons. Now, I realize everyone is different, our path is different, and we cannot win all the time. We will grow to love some; we will be indifferent about some while others we would not be able to stand them. Try as much as possible to be accommodative, be nice, smile and walk away…  Yes, choose your friends without hurting the "unselected" ones.

Try as much as possible never  leave anyone with a bitter experience about yourself ( don’t worry, Asake is not perfect, I am guilty of this one- to be my friend, it has to be mutual and something has to click)

Remember he who graduated with the best Secondary School result in his country, might graduate with 3rd class from a University in the same country but still end up with a well paying job even though he is from a low income background

You might actually end up  with that ex as your husband, your boss’s husband, your sister’s husband, leader of your religious group, chairman the company you work with or even as your subordinate.
Most people never thought Stephen Keshi with his team could win the last Africa Nations cup
After 9con, I never for once thought Ifeco would be a successful entertainer! Guess what – he has a song with Wyre, starred in Suga and he is Mr. Nigeria 2014
Today’s situation is not permanent, tomorrow comes with lots of opportunities and people do change- for the better but sometimes worse.

Till next time, remember today does not determine everyone’s future, the foundation of some people’s future begins tomorrow.

*Nani - who ; knows - jua ; ana - he/she ; kesho- tomorrow .. the title is in broken Swahili meaning "who knows tomorrow"


  1. True... If we knew 2mr, our world won't be as eventful and interesting as is now