Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Humble giving

As the car parked infront of their house, I knew it would be picking one of them. As she approached their gate, I noticed how simple but elegantly dressed she was. 

Although I watched the car zoom off, it was her outfit I kept thinking of.

As usual, I went visiting the next day, our folks have been friends before I was born and anytime my folks needed to send me on “the errand of no return” popularly known as Arodan in Yoruba, I was sent to their house. “Are you here for Arodan?” my aunt asked, before I could respond she continued “go to the girls’ room, Fao is 
looking for it”

B, how are you today? Fao said

“I love what you wore yesterday” I responded. Pardon my manners, good afternoon sis” I concluded

“Really, you can have it” she said.

She opened her wardrobe and brought out others, yes you can have them too. From that day till S.G came to whisk her away, she always gave me clothes. She taught me a simple lesson, as long as they are in good condition, give them out to people who will use it however do not make it look like you are doing them a favour- the truth was my mother kept buying me clothes even though she knew Fao will give me.

The other day, I got into a conversation with a friend who was requesting for used items especially Laptop to donate to the less privileged, the company he works for promotes recycling as opposed to disposal -Good initiative – if I had a spare laptop, I would have given it to my niece instead – I bluntly told him ( mean Asake)

Everything in life has a shelf life, if you have something you are not using again, and it is in good usage condition, give it to those who will reuse it well before disposing. Check your garage, store, wardrobe, kitchen, wherever you keep those “It will be useful one day” pick the good ones and give it out with humility. Be humble in giving

Till next time, “Remember kindness is like a baton in a relay race, once you receive it, you must pass it on” (in Funke Akindele voice) - quote from Maami