Friday, 25 April 2014

Badilika Nigeria

Sometimes, I wonder if the laws of Nigeria is for selected few. As long as I leave home, I see atleast one person flouting the law most especially the uniform officers, we know the regular culprit.
Two weekends ago, I had gone to the vulcanizer to pick up my car when I noticed a car blocking the entrance to our street gate.  Thinking it was someone shopping in the supermarket next door, I asked the security personnel to help check. He came back with a negative answer. After waiting a few more minutes, I walked home to pick up my phone with the intention of calling a towing vehicle to move the car.

On getting back to the car, I met an elderly woman, greeted her and told her about my intention of getting the car towed since all my effort to reach the owner was fruitless. Her response shocked me.

“I worked at the local government, and if you had towed my car, I would have ensured every car on your street is towed and impounded” She said

I was shocked. She was an elderly woman probably in her mid 50s who felt it is okay to inconvenient everyone on street by blocking the gate and in addition tow and impound cars of innocent citizens. When did working at a local government give anyone superior power?
Last weekend, I was hanging out with one of “my progressive thinking- Nigeria can be better advocates” when she noticed a security personal in one of the big malls in Lagos was sitting on a pillar with a warning “do not sit”She engaged in a conversation with him and ask why he was sitting there. “Madam I see the Ogas and the people who wrote do not sit, sitting here- No worry, Nigeria no fit better”.

Do you know who my father is?( one of the best line for getting out of trouble) Okada was banned on major roads in Nigeria however you still see some uniform officers with passengers riding the okadas- some for commercial purposes; driving on the wrong side of the road because you have a siren? Crossing the road where there is a pedestrian bridge?

To be very honest, most of us break rules and we feel it is ok. To get a better Nigeria, we all need to participate and change from home- Yes, change from the smallest unit of the society, we need to drive good behavior, we need to drive discipline, nobody will change Nigeria for us, we need to change it ourselves. Use your office; use your power to drive positive and progressive things and not to threaten anyone or disrupt anything

By the way, I feel Lagos state should start charging people who cross expressroad  where pedestrian bridge has been provided for attempted suicide.

Till next time, use a pedestrian bridge, it might be your own little way to contribute to the changing Nigeria

 Badilika means “Change” in Swahili

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