Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Hearing the sound of the gun and I am thankful for another day. If I do not hear it in the space of 30minutes, I will doubt my existence. It is something we have to live with. I am sure a child soldier from Somalia can say that.

Three Sundays ago,at about 3pm I was returning home from a stroll, I heard it (the gun shot), I ran to enter the house. I noticed people running out of their houses to go watch what's happening. I bbm-ed my friend "3gunshot and the whole area is back to normal like nothing happened" , her response was :- "Na wa o". It is just a gunshot I thought to myself.

Is this how bombs go off in the North and the area will be back to business as usual? I can only imagine.

In the evening while at the salon, I heard the full story, two armed robbers on Okada( Boda Boda) were attempting to snatch a jeep, some youth in my neighborhood who were relaxing with chilled alcohol drinks saw the attempt and decided to rescue the car owner. They took empty bottles and stones, then ran towards the scene, the armed robbers fired their gun but it didn't stop the youth from attacking the robbers with empty bottles and Stoning them.

While trying to load a new set of bullets, their gun fell and the robbers escaped without their gun and the jeep.

What if they youth had caught up with them? I can only imagine what the youth would have done. Imagine if they were ALUUed?

Will my imagination become reality or will it fade out? Only time will tell.

Although unrelated, am dedicating this post to Ms. Amy. We are thankful to God for sparing your live

Edited by Opson Eniola Dada

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  1. Interesting story, very brave of the young men to rescue the victim despite the risk,Nigerians are fearless, its what keeps us going.

    Thank God for Ms. Amy's life really, very huge testimony.

    I hope you can tell who this is from this alphabet "R"!