Thursday, 9 February 2012

The familiar siren

As a child, I heard the siren, I knew it was time to either hide or change my sleeping position while my elder sister panics..

Most times it meant the chairmen were around.I remember a particular incident when I was younger, the "chairmen" entered everyone house except ours.. They didn't enter ours because they couldn't figure out which gate entered our house.. "Na two gate dem get o, I dey see dem use this small one enter but I no know which one enter their house" they said.. We had a functioning shop then and usually entered the house through the shop.

 Stika is my childhood friend, we have known eachother since 1992.  Baba is Stika's Dad .They removed them stika's cable, shot at their door, killed the Ope's dog and tossed the dog in their well. The next day on my way to school, I saw one of the thieves in Alhaja's house. She apprehended him and locked him up. How? The broken bottle used as a security measure for Stika's house had blood, one of the chairman got cut. Alhaja had gone to weave an aso oke when she noticed the guy's finger was cut. She asked him what happened and he said it was the machine.. He couldn't have gotten that cut while using the Aso Oke machine. She tricked him to her house and locked him up till the police arrived. The aso oke "machine" can't give him such a deep cut.

Over the years, we have had petty thieves jump into our compound, pack clothes on d line, with the aim of a long stick stolen clothes from my neighbours house( ground floor flats). They even stolen dvd player when my neighbour travelled to Osogbo.. Thanks to the pretty thieves, we learnt that if you are staying on the ground floor, your TV and all valuable property should be kept far from the window.

3rd week in November 2011,  I  slept in my mom bed. her phone rang, she picked and said "I don't know but for the siren to be on at this time, there's a thief in the compound " she said in Yoruba. I heard the siren again, changed my sleeping position and I slept off.

The next morning after Subhur at the mosque, my Uncle ( Dad's childhood friend) asked what happened? I heard Baba's siren, Shey Ole wa ni..  "I saw Police and Olode asking people to come out but noone responded. I will find out" she said to my uncle

As we walked out of the mosque, we could hear people talking loudly. Out of curosity(amebo) I went to stika house. Stika house has a big compound with 1 storey building with 4flats, a long bungalow with 2flats and 1 self-contain. Stika apartment, one of the bungalow's flat  is demacated from the rest. They jump into the well secured home, broken one of the side glasses and stolen phones before Stika's dad woke up to switch on the alarm. The "Olode" security men and the police came after. The policemen and Olodes called the occupants out but noone dared to come out fearing it might be the thieves disguised as policemen.
Baba's tenants fixed their gate, you need a key to get in or call who you are looking for..

That night, I heard a gun shot.. Was scared but when back to bed.. 20minutes later, the police came but I didn't hear Babaks siren

His siren can't work without electricity, the thieves figured out he can't sleep without electricity.  he always leaves his generator on overnight so they came back that night. The first thing they did was to remove the wire that carries electricity into the house. On a regular day, Baba would have opened the door and check what's wrong with the generator but he could hear footsteps.. He called the patrol police in our area, they shot in the air while coming and the thieves left before the police got their.

I narrated the story to Twinny and she said, he needs to get a rechargeable siren.

... This is that part, I have to end the story but don't know what to write..

Stay blessed!


  1. Erh, you still didn't let us know who stika is to u asides being your neighbour plus what motivated u to write this post? Good post tho' (Y)..

    1. Stika is my childhood friend, i cannot remember what motivated this post..

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