Monday, 2 January 2012

2011: its a wrap.

I was supposed to post this on 31st but my internet wasn’t connecting

I have been working on single parent, diary of a Lagos learner and Jobless Lagosian. Guess bloggers also experience blogger(writer)'s block. My last post in 2011 is going to have a mix of everything.

I started 2011 with high hopes, went through the ups and downs, met wonderful people, lost a friend I was just getting to know, finished NYSC, learnt a lot in my place of primary assignment, kept in touch with my camp friends, may the souls of all the fallen heroes rest in peace, we lost a number of corp members to election violence. 2 introduction ceremonies for my cousins, 1 marriage, new baby... Am thankful for this year.

Sometimes, we think there is nothing to be thankful for because we don’t have spouses, cars, kids, the list goes on and on..

Think about this, there's a person who woke up yesterday and discovered his entire family has been wiped out by Boko Haram, another person couldn't sleep because he was hungry. He has not eaten in days. Pure water is #5, there are people who do not have #5 talkless of drinking pure water. Someone just lost the sole bread winner of their family, another person got stuck in a collapsed building and wasn't rescued on time. I  heard about an only child that died 2days ago. He was the one supporting his mother. Her landlord has just given her quit notice. She's now homeless and childless.
Look at your environment, there's something to be thankful for. Our Imam says this every morning in Yoruba.. The fact that you woke up, you lifted your hands and legs, then you were able to walk, talk and see you should be thankful. The fact that you even slept you should be thankful. The fact that you can read my blog you should be thankful- u have access to a device that can browse and you can see.

This year I grew up, I messed up in some areas, reduced my stubbornness and naughtiness, understood myself and realised the essence of "relationship". I am thankful to Almighty Allah for every challenge, for every success and for every pain I went through this year.

Boko Haram threats are real, if you can stay indoors, avoid large crowd and "bomb prone areas" and pray for Nigeria.. Learn from this year's election, it takes more than "big" education qualification and luck to rule a family, local government, state and a country. Nigeria is yours, Nigeria is ours...

Lastly, HIV/AIDS is real, get tested, know your status. With balanced diet and proper- (affordable) medication you can live with HIV for more 20yrs. Abstinence is 100% sure, be faithful to your spouse.. If you must, correct and consistent  use of condom ( male or female) will reduce your chance of contracting HIV.

Thanks for reading my blog, till 2012.. Pray.. Love..Live.. Respect...

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